Rosebush In The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s rosebush in The Scarlet Letter represents the prisoners who are living within the shadows of the prison. Throughout the novel Hester, a prisoner, is seeking redemption, so she’s willing to sacrifice her reputation for the sake of her daughter. The rosebush is a symbol for those who are suffering or going through a difficult time. The rosebush is growing in the shadows of the prison, as are the prisoners who have a chance at redeeming themselves. Throughout The Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne overcomes several challenging obstacles that come her way and try preventing her redemption. Hester was accused of adultery after she was found to be pregnant while her husband was not in the states. As punishment for her crime, Hester was required to wear the letter A on her chest, which stands for adultery. Hawthorne explains that the women of the town believed “they should have put the brand of a hot iron on Hester Prynne’s …show more content…

Hawthorne portrays Chillington as a man with good intentions when he first appeared as he gave Hester’s child medicine to help it calm down. Chillington attempts to use the scarlet letter as a weapon towards Hester “Doth thy sentence bind thee to wear the token in thy sleep? Art thou not afraid of nightmares and hideous dreams”(68). The scarlet letter as portrayed by Hawthorne, is perceived as a burden of some kind, that hurts you mentally.
Based on the first few chapters I read The Scarlet Letter is a novel about becoming a better person. Throughout the novel Hester tries saving her daughter and proves those who didn’t believe she could raise her child, even with all the humiliation she was receiving It’s all about those who have the opportunity of getting a second chance and choose to use it wisely. The Scarlet Letter gives a life lesson, but Hawthorne uses symbolism to describe

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