What Does The Deep Red Symbolize In The Scarlet Letter

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Hawthorne uses symbolism throughout the Scarlet letter to display the sin and indecency people see Hester as. The detail represents ,the deep beauty Hester has inside although most people do not see her as a beutiful women. The deep red is a representation of adultery which shows her being an oncast from society. The symbol of the letter “A” is repetitive throughout the novel and grows with Hester and overcomes this with time as people start to see her as a person again and not just a adulterer. Hester acknowledges her sin in her puritan faith but swears to secrecy on the father of Pearl. She still believes in her faith and wants her daughter to grow up in the faith and not to be disappointed by her desires to the world but to focus on her faith and heavenly father. She speaks to the townspeople but Dimmesdale is in the crowd. This causes conviction of him and guilt of not speaking up ultimately leading to him stepping out on the …show more content…

It reveals how the character Dimmesdale evolves as time progresses, in the beginning he asks Hester to stand with him so he can confess his sins but only for a minute because he doesn't want to admit the sin. This adds to the guilt that increases with time but also foreshadows his final coming out with the truth and death caused by this action. Hester's past will always be apart of her although others have forgotten about the sin that tore her life apart. The scarlet letter becomes apart of her and also turns into a symbol of redemption and how she overcame the difficulties in her life. Although she was emotionally tormented as a young woman she was able to overcome and become a light to others. Hester did not only live a happy life she continued to wear the “A” which showed her individualism and path to be reborn through the enlightenment of her

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