Rough Waters Summary

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Summary of Rough Waters Rough waters is a book written by S.L. Rottman. Rough Waters is a “Heart-Wrenching (from back cover and my opinion)” adventure story. Rough Waters was published in 1997 and takes place in Buena Vista, CO (AP). Rough waters is a book for adolescents ( from back cover). Rough Waters is not a bestseller and S.L. Rottman is the author of Hero. S.L. Rottman got her idea for Rough waters from her rafting experience but, she wondered what it should be like if somebody didn’t have a choice if they wanted to raft or not. S.L. Rottman is a coach, a mom, and a teacher. S.L Rottman was born in georgia but, she moved to colorado when she was young. S.L. Rottman had a happy life as a child even though Rough Waters is a sad book. I …show more content…

Roger is someone who does bad habits that could get him in bad places such as drugs, smoking, hurting people, etc. Roger is a guide at a rafting company he likes to party and Roger likes to mess around with people. Roger is against Scott because Roger wants Greg to be with him and not with a younger kid, and roger likes to mess with Scott such as get him in trouble. Roger is a good avoider and planner one, he can get away with doing things that he doesn’t want to do and two, he can plan how to get away with things that are worse such as, not telling people things that are needed to know, and telling lies. Roger is bad at comprehending things like hard tasks, and surprising things that are bad. Greg is Scott’s brother and he is Roger’s friend. Greg gets into trouble a lot and will not comprehend things that are bad, surprising, ect. Greg is a annoying person to deal with because he doesn’t get his way always, and when he doesn’t get his way he blows. The season in Rough Waters is summer. A Rough Waters covers one to two months and there are a lot of rivers in this story. In Rough Waters Scott is telling the story. I like this authors style of writing because she adds lots of detail and it feels like whoever is reading the story is with them

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