Rumi Poetry As The Code Of Life Analysis

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Chapter # 03: Rumi’s Poetry as the Code of Life: - Rumi’s Poetry suffices platforms to discover the Code of Life. In this respect, we will zoom five of his parables to analyze this: 1. The Contention between the Greek and the Chinese Artists. (Book 1, Parable 63) 2. The Man who planted the thorn-bush in the road and delayed to uproot it. (Book 2, Parable 17) 3. How four persons quarreled about grapes, which were known to each of them by different name. (Book 2, Parable 63) 4. The Elephant in the dark house. (Book 3, Parable 22) 5. The Eagle that carried away the Prophet’s boot. (Book 3, Parable 63) The first parable selected for analysis is: “The story of the contention between the Greeks and the Chinese in the art of painting and picturing. “The Chinese said, “We are the better artists”; the Greeks said, “The (superiority in) power and excellence belongs to us.” I will put you to the test in this matter,” said the Sultan, “(and see) which of you are approved in your claim.” The Chinese and the Greeks began to debate: The Greeks retired from…show more content…
All the four men wanted the ‘same fruit’, but were quarrelling because of the different languages they spoke. Similarly, all human beings want the same things, material and emotional; but we fight because of the lack of understanding and miscommunication amongst ourselves. The cause of the fight amongst humans is the inability to understand each other’s thoughts and behaviors. All humans want peace, prosperity, goodness, happiness, comfort and ease, but we fail to recognize this fact that others might also want the same thing but are stating their needs merely in a different way. The way to end this disagreement amongst the human race is to try and understand the differences of each other peacefully, and by doing so the majority of problems existing in the world and our lives, would be

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