Salem Witch Hunt Research Paper

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In the Puritan colonists’ village, witchcraft is one of the things they fear the most among the Indian raids. During the ancient days, if people were caught being a witch, the penalty is death. The spectral evidence, fear, and accusations are the main reasons that cause the tragedy in Salem Witchcraft. It took 24 innocent victim’s lives and 200 people were accused. This tragedy starts in 1692 the difficult time in Salem Village, Massachusetts. The spectral evidence seen by the girls was believed by the court. The court took the girl's words and many innocent people were accused. The accusation soon spread around the village and it caused the great fear of villagers. This vicious cycle cause harm to the village for centuries. To begin with, Salem witch hunt is heavily played on the spectral evidence and the paranoia of fear. The spectral see by the girls are just a lie, due to the dread of death, people are not willing to tell the truth. The girls said they see a spectrum of the witch who is hurting other people or signing the contract with the devil. The court believed the girls were the witness and took their words as a solid evidence to prove the guiltless people as crimes. …show more content…

Those people who got accused were kept in jail until they been proved free or waiting for their punishment, “hanging to death.” Some people know what the judge wants, so they lied and confess that they were witches and are forced to sign the contract with the devil. In this way, people have pity on them and are willing to forgive them because they believe God will take care of them if they

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