Salt Creek And Barker Lake Lab Report

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In this lab we were trying to figure out if Salt Creek and Barker Lake had the correct chemical balances to sustain catfish for the years coming. In order to find this out, we tested the water using a Hach Water Testing Kit. Inside were dissolved oxygen reagent powder pillows 1, 2 and 3 which we added and mixed into our sample water to prepare it for testing. Then we added droplets of Sodium Thiosulphate Solution into the prepared water too see how much dissolved oxygen parts per million were in the water. Our independent variable in this experiment was the 5 different testing sites that we went to for water samples. Our dependant variable in this experiment was the dissolved oxygen parts per million in each sample. We recorded this data on the white board back in our classroom, writing down the specific parts per million that we found in the water. The variables that were the same for all …show more content…

You can see this in our data results. For sites 1 and 2, our ppm was 10 and 10. Both of these samples were taken from Salt Creek, meaning that they should have similar ppm and they did. Our second piece of evidence that shows that we have precise group data was the results of tests 3-5. The evidence for these tests was 4, 5 and 4. These water samples were all taken from the shores of Barker Lake, meaning that they should be similar and they were. Our class data did not seem to be very precise. This is shown in the data in sites 1 and 2 when one group had 9 ppm and another group had 20 ppm. These samples both came from Salt Creek and should have been similar but were not. Another example of class data being inconsistent or imprecise was on site 4 when one group’s results showed 3 ppm and another group’s showing 6. This difference in oxygen levels is the difference between a surviving catfish and a dead one. They were both from the same site so they should have not been off by as much as that, showing the imprecision of our class

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