Scarlet Letter Monologue

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After many, many months of travel, I come upon a town, a town which they call Boston, in the colony of Massachusetts in the New World. I come to receive my wife, Hester, and also to put some rumors to rest. Back in England word has been spreading that Hester was found guilty of adultery here in the New World, and I am not about to let my name go to shame just like that! So as I arrived to the center of town, before me, what do I see? I come upon my wife, my Hester, with a child –a child whom I do not have any relation to- standing upon the public scaffold. My Hester, with the sign of an adulteress, a scarlet letter “A”, upon her bosom. How shameful! I immediately change my identity and inquire any details about her. She was married to a learned …show more content…

I am a matured man, well into my years. And Hester, a sight to be seen! She was remarkably beautiful. I have upon myself a deformity, a shoulder higher than the other. My whole life I had been out casted. In my childhood no child wanted to accompany me in games and such. And as I aged it was just as evident to me that as a deformed young man there was not a lady that would desire to be my companion on her own will. I was secluded from those around me and godforsaken. And then, when I found Hester, the pain and suffering was immediately renounced. It was replaced by a type of fog that had me only thinking about myself and my happiness. So soon after, we married. But the fog had left me unaware of the imprisonment I had put Hester into. I was well aware that Hester had no love for me. I was a graying bookworm and she was a beautiful, youthful woman. I should have known I wouldn’t have been able to keep her to myself! The time has arrived. The time I knew was always upon me. The time that I would lose the one thing that had, or so I thought, ever loved …show more content…

Nothing that one can say can take this punishment from her. Except, perhaps, for the father of the child which Hester is bearing so close to her chest. Oh, how should I feel towards this man? The man who has won over my beloved wife’s heart! On my journey here revenge was the only option. Punish the scoundrel who took Hester away from me! Or perhaps, set her free. It may be that I was holding her back from her life when I married her, and he took that weight off of her. Perchance revenge shouldn’t be the way I take my dealings here. As I saw Hester on that platform this morn, the woman in which I owned, it can upon me that I really do won her. And I won that child as well. And I own the man who helped conceive that child. I won them all. After I wed Hester, anything and everything she has ever and will ever own will belong to me. I am the legal man here, and so it shall be. Now to find this other man, I must disguise myself and go and see Hester in the prison where se

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