Scuba Mask Case Study

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Scuba Mask Buying Guide and Reviews
There is an underwater paradise that exists just below the surface, and its breathtaking beauty makes it hard to believe that it even exists. Snorkeling is what opens the doors into this world, and if you are yet to try it, you are missing out on one of the most amazing things. However, to enjoy the scenes on this underwater paradise, you will need to have a good scuba mask. And with the many options available this should not be a problem. You only need to know some of the top brands in the market and also what to look out for when shopping for these masks and you will be sure of getting a top notch one. Here is a review of ten top snorkel masks currently on the market to help you get started.
#1 Seaview 180� Panoramic
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• Silicone skirt guarantees you maximum durability and comfort.
• You can empty any excess water easily.
• It has an impressive price tag.
• The mask is aesthetically appealing, and it looks sturdy.
• The open top design is a significant disadvantage.
• The material is not as soft as what you find in expensive brands.
• It may only be suitable for beginners.
• You should be ready for some pain if you have a large nose.
• The scuba mask will fog up quite often.
#10 Optical Corrective Scuba Dive/Snorkeling Mask
• Double Edge Seal
• Silicone (liquid injected) Skirt
• Low Volume
• Tempered Glass Lenses
• Adjustable for a personalized fit.
• Corrective lenses are available for both short and long-sighted people.
• It is a medium size but will fit almost everybody.
• You can get different corrective lenses for each eye.
• Mask has an effective seal and is very comfortable.
• This mask has an excellent field of view
• It is cheap and affordable for most people.
• Some people might still not be able to see anything through

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