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There are multiple controversies and mysteries surrounding serial killers but there is a reality behind it all. Serial killers have been studied for decades now, everyone wants to know what causes a person to kill another human being. Losing a close loved one to a serial killer is terrible and having an answer to what made them become an evil killer may give some closure. Serial killers are psychotic but what creates such monsters? It is how a person is wired when they are born or could it be from the environment they grew up in? Serial killers think differently for an average person for the reason that their brain works from birth. Regardless, serial killers can be brought up in tough environments with neglected or abused homes. The truth …show more content…

The studies that have been done on serial killers' brains show that they are different from an average human (Cooper). Serial killers at birth are wired differently, they think and act differently from non-killers. The majority of serial killers are born with mental illnesses like schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and bipolar disorder (Hoffman and Kiehl). People who are born with these disorders could cause an out lash of rage and violence. If they were born with a disorder then how could they even be able to control it? The brain is quite complex and works in mysterious ways. It is also known that genes such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. pass down from generation to generation so a baby could have all the traits of a psychopath at birth (Korpal). Treating people who are diagnosed with a psychopathic disorder shouldn’t be ignored knowing that it could lead them to lash out in a hostile way. If anyone asks for help it needs to be taken seriously instead of ignoring them until they do something detrimental. Nevertheless, mental illness should not be some kind of excuse to murder an innocent human being. As challenging as it may be to deal with one or multiple mental disorders it shouldn't be an excuse to be a murderer. However, if a mentally ill person reached out for help and was overlooked it would be the fault of their

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