Sex And Relationships In Pubilius Ovid's Metamorphoses

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Shirley Taylor
Instructor Debbie Benson
English 271
28 March 2017

Ovid Pubilius Ovidious Naso, also known as Ovid, was born on March 20, 43 B.C. in Sulmona, Italy. He and his older brother attended an academy in Rome to study law. His father had high hopes for him to become involved in politics. Ovid later abandoned the academy and followed his desires to become a writer, disappointing his father. He was exiled for reasons unknown by Emperor Augustus. His most famous pieces include “Amores” “Ars Amatoria” “Heroides” and “Metamorphoses.” These works reflect themes of sex and relationships. Ovid claims his works are the opposite of his personal love life, but some argue that may not be the case. He was married three times and divorced twice

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