Sexting In Hanna Rosin's Essay 'Why Kids Sext'

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As technology advances, many problems has also arise. Phones has helped us to receive information quicker than before. Phones with cameras has also helped us send pictures to our friends and families on what we’re doing. However, nowadays it isn’t used just for that. Sexting has also become common in our generation and with the help of our phones, images can be send out fast and spread like a wildfire. The essay, “Why Kids Sext” by Hanna Rosin discussed about the problems regarding sexting. In my opinion, I don’t think that consensual underage sexting and pressured or coercive sexting should be treated in the same way. Consensual underage sexting is sexting with permission. Since the person agreed to send naked pictures of them self to others, they should know the consequences…show more content…
Some girls who sent out their nudes to their boyfriend reacted, “They felt betrayed, but few seemed all that surprised that their photos had been passed around” (Rosin). It shouldn’t be a surprise if their pictures get sent around because when sending out the pictures they should know that anything can happen to those pictures. However, it becomes an issue when the nude pictures are send to a third person or used as a way to threaten others. I don’t think that it is wrong to send out nudes to each other, but it should be keep only between each other or else it becomes a problem, especially if it is used to violate the other person. Using the pictures to threaten people is completely different from the exchange of pictures between two people privately. It should be considered a crime because it is harmful to the other person, but at the same time it is the problem of both the sender and the receiver because if the sender didn’t send out their nudes, many unwanted situation can be prevented. In regards to pressured or coercive sexting, it should be treated as a crime because it is the same as threatening
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