Sexual Harassment Effect

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The Effect of Sexual Harassment
Reporting an incident of sexual harassment has changed drastically over the last few weeks (Noguchi). Allegations have started to cause some of the most powerful people to resign from positions of power or even get fired from their high status, well paying job. The newfound interest has developed the issue of whether sexual harassment is as widespread as the media is saying or if it is just being exaggerated to get attention. Sexual harassment needs to be talked about and solved because it causes harm to the everyone, can cause behaviors to expand and become more deviant, and is morally wrong. Many women are speaking out on sexual harassment currently and are being covered by the media.
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This train of thought needs to be stopped. Victims can be harmed physically and/or mentally. Dr. Colleen Cullen states “ for victims of sexual harassment, the most common diagnoses are depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” (Spector). Sexual harassment can trigger the body much like a trauma, which the body may not know how to deal with. Spector says what can happen when a body does not know how to deal with trauma; “physical symptoms can run the gamut, manifesting as muscle aches, headaches, or even chronic physical health problems such as high blood pressure and problems with blood sugar” (Spector). These individuals are not the only ones affected by sexual harassment however. Some attackers will threaten the victims to silence for the well being of their family’s safety or for their job safety. This then brings families into the issue of harassment which is a big problem that needs to be solved and stopped. It also can ruin a company’s reputation if they employ a harasser. But it appears to be that the issue is only causing more problems today and for the future because the behaviors of the harassers is worsening into worse …show more content…

For this fact, it can be really hard to tell if an accusation is truthful or false. Many people that falsely accuse someone of sexual harassment are going after people with a name in the media.Accusing a person can cause a person to lose their status and even their job. That can be detrimental to a person’s life, especially if it is not the truth. Unfortunately, it is really hard to figure out when someone is falsely accusing a person because there may not be any evidence since many victim wait to come out. There may be many false accusations the amount does not outnumber the accusations that are true and need to be

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