'Shared Human Characteristics In The Scarlet Ibis'

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Pema Chodron formerly said, “Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” People need to understand what people share is what makes everybody human. If they do not understand what makes us human than they will not know how to feel sympathy or compassion. If everybody thinks about it, we all go through some of the same situations. Everybody experiences, relationships, they may lose someone in their life, people make choices everyday, people may be obliged to use their flight or fight skills in survival, they might have to think about their morals when doing something, and everybody most definitely goes through different kinds of emotions every single day. There are numerous Shared Human Characteristics, such as relationships …show more content…

Doodle and the narrator went down to the stream to row a boat. As they were doing that a storm started coming towards them, so they started heading back home. Once they reached the shore, they started running. Doodle is very slow at running or anything athletic due to the fact that he was barely learning how to walk. The storm kept getting worse and worse. The narrator decides to leave Doodle behind and save himself. His brother begs him to come back and help him, but he just keeps running. “Finally, I went back and found him huddled beneath a red nightshade bush… he had been bleeding from the mouth, and his neck, and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant red… had never before seemed so fragile, so thin,” (Hurst, 8). The narrator chose to leave his ill brother to fend for himself, which resulted in the death of him. Doodle had bled to death because he had gotten hurt in the process of trying to find shelter in the storm. The narrator chose between finding shelter and Doodle’s life. Every single decision that everybody makes results into something bigger. Every single person makes choices everyday and sometimes the choices people make can end in deadly ways. The narrator should have stayed and helped his brother and maybe then he would not have had to break the news to his family that Doodle died. Readers can see shared humanity characteristics in novels, such as

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