Doodle's Death In The Scarlet Ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis

How did Doodle die? Why did Doodle die? Was it his Brother? Doodle was born a disabled kid who was loved by everybody in his family except his brother (The narrator of this story). The narrator wished for a perfect brother that his would be able to do things with but when he wasn’t given that it caused him to do things that no brother should ever do or think about doing to his younger brother. Given all the evidence in the story there’s no doubt about it that Doodle’s death was because of his brother’s dislike for him, self-pride, and decisions when Doodle needed his brother most.
The Narrator is responsible for his brother, Doodle's, death because he never really liked him to begin with. William Armstrong (Doodle) was born a disabled child when the narrator was 6 years old. The narrator was wishing for a brother that he would be able to do things with and have fun with, but when the narrator was …show more content…

It starts off by them just walking to Horsehead Landing but while walking down there he realizes that Doodle has fallen. He helps him up but realizes that he has failed to get Doodle prepared for school if he still can’t walk long distances (Hurst, 360). He also realizes that he has failed in finding pride for his brother. They hear a thunderstorm approaching and begin to head home. It then begins to rain so they start running home. A Gum Tree hit by lighting then falls, knocking down Doodle. Doodle yells for the narrator’s help but the narrator ignores it and runs faster knowing that it would probably be better to have no brother at all than to have a crippled one as supported by this quote from the narrator “ The knowledge that Doodle’s and my plans had come to naught was bitter, and that streak of cruelty within me awakened“ (Hurst,360). After the storm lets up he then goes back and realizes what he has done and begins weeping over his dead

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