Flowers For Algernon And The Scarlet Ibis Comparison Essay

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In “Flowers for Algernon” and “The Scarlet Ibis” pride has a big impact on Doodle’s brother and Rose. Rose and brother manipulated and mistreated Charlie and Doodle There are many examples of Charlie and Doodle being mistreated by Rose and Doodle brother in both of the stories. In both stories, Charlie and and Doodle both felt unwanted and unloved by Rose and his brother. For example, In “The Scarlet Ibis” Doodle’s brother had a lot of pride and could not accept him as he was. When Doodle and his brother were playing one day his brother carried him up to the barn and made him touch his coffin that had been prepared for him.Doodle’s Brother was embarrassed by him because he was five years old and could not walk. Doodle’s brother did not want Doodle to go to school and not be able to …show more content…

Doodle was right behind his brother all of the way so his brothers pride caused him to run faster and away from Doodle to try to push him to see if he could catch to up him. Doodle’s brother was far ahead of him now so he slowed down he began to hear Doodle call out to him saying,“Brother stop help me!” but his pride would not let him turn around and help his brother. When Doodle’s brother made it to the house he started to wait on his brother but he could no longer hear him calling so he ran back to go find him and he found him against a tree dead because his heart had burst. In “Flowers for Algernon” Charlie came to realize that his mother Rose did not really care about him and that all she wanted was him to be “perfect”. Charlie realized that he would never be enough for his mom and family. Rose always got on to Charlie and spanked him for things he could not control. For example, when Charlie peed on himself he got spanked but it was not his fault because he could not control it. Charlie was basically excluded when his sister Norma was born because she was the child her mom had

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