An Analytical Essay: Who Is Responsible For Doodle's Death?

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Could two brothers dislike each other so much that one would be responsible for the others death. In the short story “The Scarlet Ibis” the main character, Doodle, is killed during a terrible storm. Who is responsible for Doodle’s death? The narrator, Doodle’s older brother, is responsible for Doodle’s death for the following reasons: never accepted Doodle from the beginning, pushed Doodle too far, and acted out of selfishness. Doodle’s older brother disliked him from the day he was born. The narrator did not accept Doodle as his younger brother. The narrator wanted to remain an only child; therefore, he resented Doodle. Doodle was mentally and physically disabled, so he was not able to participate in normal activities. The narrator …show more content…

The narrator was embarrassed to friends over because of Doodle’s disability. Doodle’s brother wanted Doodle to walk because he did not want to have to carry him everywhere. The narrator wanted Doodle running by the time school started, so he was not an embarrassment on the playground. Some people believe that a Doodle is responsible for his own death. Doodle is responsible for his own death for many reasons. One reason is Doodle knew he had a heart condition, yet he continued to overwork himself. Another reason is Doodle knew the consequences of being pushed too hard, but he did not try hard enough to persuade his brother otherwise. The final reason is when Doodle was running in the rain, he should have realized something was wrong and stopped sooner. Although these are good reasons, the majority believe that the narrator is responsible for Doodle’s death. The narrator is responsible for the death of his younger brother, Doodle. The narrator did not accept Doodle as his younger brother since the day he was born. The narrator pushed Doodle past his mental and physical limit. The narrator was being selfish in his efforts to make Doodle more like a normal boy. Although the narrator did not actually commit murder, he is the only person that could be responsible for Doodle’s

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