Scarlet Ibis Compare Contrast Essay

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In the short story “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, a boy is born crippled and no one thought he would live. The boy lived however, and they named him Doodle. Doodle and his brother were very close and Doodle loved his brother and never wanted his brother to leave him alone. Doodle’s brother was ashamed to have a crippled brother so he attempted to help doodle become normal throughout doodle’s life in the story. Doodle loved his brother, even though his brother was very selfish in his reasons to help Doodle to become normal, and his brother realized how selfish and guilty he was when it was to late for Doodle in the end.

Doodle loved his brother. Doodle always wanted to be with his brother brother and tried to do whatever his brother asked …show more content…

When Doodles brother cried when doodle walked in front of their parents but not for the fact that he taught Doodle to walk he knew he was being selfish. Although he wasn’t crying because doodle could walk but because he knew he was being selfish and wrong because he only helped him because he was ashamed to have a crippled brother and wanted to fix his pride. His pride was more important to him then doodle was. Which is the main reason he helped Doodle and he knew he was wrong for this so he cried but he didn’t change even though he knew he was wrong. When doodle failed to become normal before the storm his brothers pride felt ruined. He was cruel and ran from Doodle when he fell on their way home because of the storm. He didn’t keep running because he was frightened he kept running because he was angry and disappointed in Doodle for ruining his pride. When doodle never caught up and he turned around to look for him. He found the end of his brother which disappointed him so much that he left him alone in the storm. He weeped that doodle was dead but he also weeped because it was his fault that his brother died. He finally regretted being

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