Shawshank Redemption Research Paper

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Released in 1994, The Shawshank Redemption is a crime and drama filled movie under the direction of Mr. Frank Darabont. The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies I have watched in my 19 years of life. This exceptional movie displays many life lessons through out. Through out the movie you will see Andy Dufresne, Ellis Boyd Redding (or known as Red,) Boggs, Warden Norton, Brooks Halten, and Tommy as important characters. Through out you will get to see the struggles of living in prison. You will witness the guilt of many inmates from the crime they pursued. Most importantly you will see friendships formed that will last a life time. Hope and time is all the inmates have. They hope one day the men serving on the board will think they served enough time in prison and will let them out on parole. The inmates also have nothing but time. Time to …show more content…

One specific friendship in the movie was Andy and Red. When Andy first arrived at Shawshank Red was betting against him. In the middle of the movie Red and Andy became really good friends. Red and Andy were there for each through the good and though the bad. Right before Andy escaped he told Red if he would ever get out of Shawshank to go to the open pasture where he proposed to his wife. Right by the big oak tree and next to the rock wall there would be some smaller rock. Andy told him to dig down and there would be a box. When Andy got out he was going to the Pacific coast, and they knew nothing would stop him. When Red got out of prison he went to work as a bagger at the same store Brooks did and live in the same apartment Brooks lived in as well. One day Red was at work, but he didn’t feel right. Red was a very loyal man and he made that promise to Andy that he would go to the pasture. Red did just what Andy told, and in that box was money to get him to Pacific coast with Andy. Red made the trip and at the end of the movie we see Red and Andy hugging on the

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