Flood By James Heneghan Journey Of Andy

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The Journey that Changes Andy In James Heneghan’s novel, Flood, Andy goes on a journey where he develops into a new person. He develops into a greater person when he learns to be appreciative, to not judge others too quickly, and to be brave. Andy’s journey helps him to develop into a greater person, therefore his life improves everyday as he makes better choices. Andy improves into a better person when he learns to appreciate all he has. As Andy struggles living in poverty, Vinny teaches him to enjoy what he has and not be greedy. Vinny is very poor and has no family to love him. So he is experiencing much worse than Andy is, but he still savors every second of his life. A proof of this is said when Andy explains Vinny’s life, “He’s happy. He’s got lots of friends, people who love him. And his got me. I don’t think it’s wasted” (Heneghan, 187). One of his mentors, Vinny, is teaching him that no matter how hard life gets, there is always something positive. It just takes a person to appreciate what he or she is given. This is significant …show more content…

After Andy discovers that his biological father is alive, he is encouraged to go find him. This test teaches him to be brave because Andy got out of his comfort zone, and left his ordinary world as he bravely goes to find his father. The author writes, “ALONE. Alone could be dangerous. The word echoed hollowly in his head like a stone booming in a well. He couldn’t be lost and he couldn’t be alone. He had been only too aware of this when deciding suddenly to run away from his aunt: it had not been easy. He had to find his father! His father was alive” (29). After he completes his first test in the novel, Andy learns to be brave. Andy is not afraid to face consequences if they occur, as long as he gets a reward at the end. This is significant because his bravery enables him to go to great adventures. Therefore, as he bravely continues to do new things, his life

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