Bud Not Buddy Character Analysis

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“People cry not because they 're weak. it 's because they 've been strong for too long”-Johnny Depp. This quote relates to the main character of the novel, Bud, Not Buddy, the main character Bud Caldwell is an orphan and a fictional character that lived during the time of the Great Depression; a time where there was a slump in the economy. Bud at the beginning of the book, is shown as a character with a tough exterior, defiant, and pessimistic character, who is “unable” to cry. Bud being toughened by life, is defiant and pessimistic, but after releasing his hurt that he had hidden for a long period, and finding what he longed for, the character of Bud drastically takes a change in his character. Bud Caldwell’s character changed drastically when Bud was capable of releasing his imprisoned or hidden childhood hurt at the Sweet Pea. Prior to this event, Bud was tough and did not show many emotions, and was not capable of crying. “But the tears coming …show more content…

Before the turning point, Bud despised being called by other names because of what his mother constantly told him when she was alive. He also did not have family that he could trust and give love to. “I wasn’t about to let anybody call me Buddy and stick a pencil up my nose all the way to the R. I swung as hard as I could at Todd’s balloon head.” (Curtis, 13). Bud did not allow someone to call him Buddy, as Bud when Bud was called Buddy, he punched Todd Amos. After the turning point, Bud is more open with people calling him with another name for that Bud knows that they are calling him that with love, and Bud has a great liking for the name. “That was the kind of name that was enough to make you practice four hours every day, just so you could live up to it!” (Curtis, 197). When Bud was given the name Sleepy Labone, he rejoices and become

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