Sherman Alexie's The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfights

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Sherman Alexie was born October 7, 1966. Alexis was born with hydrocephalus, which is a disease that you can die from or suffer mental disorders. Sherman went to surgery at the age of six months. He survived and did not have mental problems, but he did suffer from other problems. Alexie’s father was an alcoholic. His father would leave the house, sometimes for days. Sherman had five siblings. His mother had to take care of them by herself. During high school Sherman figured out that he wanted to be a writer. Sherman Alexie promoted an understanding of Native Americans and how they live in poverty through his work The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfights in Heaven, Reservation Blues, and Indian Killer. Sherman Alexie’s text The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfights in Heaven impacts the way the society thinks about Native Americans. Everyone of his short stories talks a little about what life was like being an Indian in the 20th century. This includes life outside the Indian reservation, poverty, etc.… A quote from the book that helps explain that is, “Books and beer are the best and worst defense”. There are always books and beer to go to when things get rough, but that 's not …show more content…

This book is about a group of Native Americans that start a musical band. They are very good and have a lot of allies, but it is sometimes really hard for them to tell who wants to be their fans and who wants to steal from them. Alexie stated in his book, “Thomas repeated stories constantly. All the other Indians on the reservation heard those stories so often that the words crept into dreams. An Indian tells his friends about a dream he had and was halfway through the telling before everyone realized it was actually one of Thomas’s stealth stories.” This quote impacts society because it gives them something to think about. It gives the society a chance to think about who they really

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