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INTRODUCTION The book “Justice is Conflict” is introduced by Hampshire by talking about Plato and Aristotle on the evil of mankind and gives the story of a man who executes others and another who struggles with his inner self not to look at the corpses but the executioner looks at the corpses as a beautiful sight. The man who struggles to look at the corpses is fighting with his inner self about the good and the evil and how related they are to the looking at the corpses or not looking at the corpses. Moral conflicts come up as from both the soul of man and the city to symbolize the governments or political entities. It makes out evil as a mental process in the minds of individuals across different cultures. Every organized society requires…show more content…
Justice has always been linked with the concepts of rationality and of reasonableness. Usually, people find themselves attached to an ethnic group, social group, locality, religious or moral groups, and most times these groups are in competition with other groups for some degree of dominance in a single society. To gain dominance, one involves themselves with force, the threat of force or alternatively by an argumentative procedure within some institution. The institution (parliament, law court, assembly etc.) is the second necessary condition of a just procedure. The existences of such procedures are a matter of historical contingency. (Hampshire, 2000, p.17, p.27). All humans are subject to the same moral restrictions and that only one conception of the good is finally acceptable. Fairness and justice in procedures are only virtues that can reasonably be considered as setting norms to be universally respected. Institutions are set for just procedures of conflict resolution and they are formed by recognized customs and habits which harden into specific rules of procedure within the various institutions. Fairness in advocacy is different from fairness in adjudication. (Hampshire,

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