Short Story In A Rose For Emily

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One of William Faulkner’s best short story of all time is “A Rose for Emily.” The story is a suspense and horror, that will leave readers in shock. Additionally, the story is in chronological order and cleverly broken down into five parts. The first part of the story is the current event that shows Emily’s funeral and the town people mourning. The other four part are pieces of puzzle that shows flash backs of Emily Grierson on how the everyone in town viewed her. The story revolves around a southern woman named Emily Grierson who is the protagonist of the story. The time period of the story happened roughly around late 19th to early 20th century. The setting took place in a fictional town of Jefferson, Mississippi. The narrator of the story is the people around Emily, which is full of judgmental and gossipers. In the story the narrator describes how Emily change physically and mentally over the years. The character of Emily Grierson is very strange at the same time unpredictable. In theory, the reason for her peculiarity is her isolation from the public due to her father’s overprotectiveness. Emily’s father, the town people and Homer Barron collectively is the reason why Emily is the way she is. Disturbingly,…show more content…
Howard Barron’s corpse at the end was a shock to everyone in town that nobody predicted. All those red flag indicators could not help the town people figure out what is happening in the Grierson household. On the other note, Jack Scherting’s presumption of Emily’s motive of killing Howard Barron was also shocking but not too far-fetched. Jack Scherting’s idea helped me see the story in a completely different spectrum about the relationship between Emily and her father. In the end, William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” is an interesting short story that does and amazing job describing the community in the old Southern United
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