A Rose For Emily Character Analysis

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Emily Grierson is from the story "A Rose for Emily"and is the main character. In a story, you usually have a protagonist which is the hero or main character of the story and also an antagonist which is pretty much the bad guy. Well in "A Rose for Emily," she is both protagonist and antagonist. Emily is qualified to be the antagonist because she murdered Homer Barron. Murder is quite a big deal and would definitely go under as being the bad guy. She also feels superior to everyone so she sticks her nose up to everything and treats others below her because of her family’s former position in the town. But on the other hand, she is the protagonist because one, the town is part of the reason of her killing Homer and always pitying her and saying that she would live alone forever and two, because her dad had raised her that way. Her dad had kept her sheltered way too long and when any guy would try to get with her, he would turn them down because they were not "worthy enough." She is also the major character in the story and there would be no one else to be the protagonist. At the beginning …show more content…

At the end of the story, we find out that Emily murdered Homer Barron and dressed him up and laid down with him whenever she wanted to. If someone took this story at face value, they would call her a sociopath because murder is outrageous. However, when taking a closer look at Emily’s background, the reader can see that the circumstances in her life lead her to such rash decisions. She believed she was doing the right thing by killing Homer, but she went about the situation the wrong way. She just didn 't want to lose another, probably last, loved one in her life. This emotion had come from her love towards Homer but he had turned her down and broke her heart. The town feels bad for her before they found out about the death and kept pitying her for her loneliness she lived in. With that, she also got irritated because they didn 't know the full story. They just judged from

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