A Doll's House Short Summary

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Before beginning this essay I would like to type a short summary of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House” just in case there are any readers who haven’t read the play. The play is a three-act play in which the wife hides a hides a hidden loan (that she had to take out in order to save her husband life) from the husband in order to protect his reputation. As the play opens, Torvald (the husband) is about to become manager of the bank and Nora (the wife) has almost repaid the loan by doing odd jobs and by using the allowance Torvald gives her. Meanwhile a friend of Nora’s stops by, Mrs. Kristine Linde to ask Nora if she could get Torvald to hire her at the bank since he is to become the new bank manager, Nora agrees to but during the midst of their…show more content…
Moments later at the part Nora dances a violent tarantella (a type of dance) in order to distract Torvald from opening the mailbox and seeing the blackmail letter. With Kristine and Krogstad in the other room beginning their new relationship with each other, Krogstad mentions and regrets sending his blackmail and decides that he must take it back however, Kristine decides that the letter should stay in the mailbox and that Torvald must discover the truth to what Nora has done. Later on after the party Torvald finally reads the letter. At first Torvald could not believe that Nora had done this but after realizing that it was true he accuses her of being a liar and a criminal and tells her to stay away from the children because she is a bad influence. However moments later he receives a late letter which contains the note from Krogstad saying that he would no longer be blackmailing him due to an change in events ( Krogstad and Kristine getting back together to raise their children), Torvald then realizes that he is safe from harm and rejoices he then on the spot forgives Nora, promising to be more caring and understanding to her thereafter. In the end Nora speaks the truth and tell Torvald that she wished to end their marriage because it was real and that all their time together she was treating her “like doll” and in order for her to find the true her she must leave him and the children for good, at the moment the scene ends when Nora slams the door shut never looking
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