Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized Essay

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Imagine getting diagnosed with a terminal illness and being told your last months would be spent in extreme pain. Every day somebody is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is given months to live and most of those months are spent in extreme pain that is controlled by multiple medications. Hospice care is available to help their pain in the end, but they usually cannot speak for themselves at that point. Physician-assisted suicide would allow them to choose when, where, and how they die, and their death would be quick and painless. Not only does this help the patient, but it also helps the family cope with the loss. I believe that physician-assisted suicide should be legalized in the United States for adults, since it is not euthanasia and helps the patients and their families. Physician-assisted suicide is when a physician provides an overdose of prescription …show more content…

Americans argue that physicians are required to give the patient other alternatives, but they are inexperienced on how to relieve the patient’s physical and emotional suffering to help keep them from making this life-changing decision. This argument is why I believe that when physician-assisted suicide gets legalized, doctors would be required to learn how to help the patient with any suffering, and a psychologist should closely monitor their physician-assisted suicide cases. By requiring a psychologist to monitor the cases, the physician would be able to ensure the patient is completely fit to make the request. This requirement would also keep the physician from experiencing any legal troubles or punishment. I believe that the argument is why the majority of Americans are against physician-assisted suicide, but with the right safeguards in place, it would no longer be a valid

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