Should The Death Penalty Be Passed In The United States?

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The Death Penalty
The argument for criminals to receive the death penalty, also known as Capital Punishment, has been an on-going debate for years. This issue has been very hasty in the United States because people have their own opinion on this topic. A majority of people believes that the death penalty should be passed as a law in the states, but others think that criminals should just have life in prison. If a criminal was to commit a murder(s), the person should receive the same treatment as a person they killed, death. The death penalty should be passed in each state because it would give the victims family relief, it would provide a safer environment, and it would make everyone realize the value of life.
My first reason to pass the death penalty is for the families of the victims that want the criminal get what he/she deserves for committing the murder of their loved ones. These family fights to get the justice for their loved one …show more content…

The death penalty would keep the criminals out of the cities and lowering the crime rate. Take a city like New York City, crimes are a daily event in this city weather it is a big case or not. If we were to pass this penalty, the safety of citizens would increase because the criminals would know the consequence to killing victims. There has been several times on the news or in newspaper, were they talk about another criminal getting away and walks free from their crime. By having a criminal walking free, this put everyone life in danger because the killer with continue to commit more murders. Everyone want their family to live in a safe environment, but when there are criminals that are lose lower the chances of a safe place to live. If the death penalty were to pass the crime rate in the United States would lower. This would not make an everywhere a safe, but it can make everywhere just a little more

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