Similarities Between Fobs And Twinkies

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Racism is an astronomical problem people face each and every day. In the article Black Men in Public Space by Brent Staples, the true colors of people are shown and depicted from the perspective of an African-American man making a living in Chicago. In “FOBs” vs “Twinkies” The New Discrimination is Intraracial, Grace Hsiang dives into the racial divisions that are within the Asian-American community. In these two articles, readers are exposed to a world of racism and stereotypes within their community and culture. The articles share similarities in the overall idea of racism, however the differences in the essays include the social groups the racism takes place in, the culture being discriminated, and personal experiences of the authors. …show more content…

“Twinkies” share the same main idea of racism. The two authors explain the discrimination and judgment that they receive for being different. Staples states in his article, “It is not altogether clear to me how I reached the ripe old age of twenty-two without being conscious of the lethality nighttime pedestrian attributed to me” (Eschholz 348).This quote appears in Staples’ article after explaining the reactions given to him by the people he encounters while walking the streets fighting off sleeplessness. In Hsiang’s article, she writes, “...we cannot completely embody one culture when we are living in another.” Hsiang here is explaining the struggle of adapting to the American society with having a rich Asian background. As a result, both the African and Asian Americans become the targets of discrimination and racism in this world. The biggest difference between the two articles is the social groups in which the pieces take place in. Black Men in Public Space discusses the discrimination in society as a whole, and “FOBs” vs “Twinkies” describes the discrimination within the Asian-American

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