Similarities Between Ronald Reagan And The Conservative Resurgence

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Ronald Reagan and the Conservative Resurgence The rising tide of a new capitalism, a powerful intellectual movement that is still rising, created political momentum that swept Ronald Reagan to prominence and power. After two decades of sexual revolution and moral degradation of American society, this wave crashed down on the American people with a strong and powerful force, calling for greater moral standards and more freedom to the people. This Reagan revolution restored faith in America and changed the social values in the United States for the better. The Reagan Revolution called for more "individual liberty, less government, and more national defense." As a result of these policies, the "greatest economic expansion in history" occurred. …show more content…

In his presidency, welfare found a "44 percent increase under Reagan." (Anderson). What Reagan did do well was restoring the faith in America, which was what this great country was founded upon. In the passage President Ronald Reagan Sees a Stronger America, Reagan stated, "The time has come for a new American emancipation--a great national drive to tear down economic barriers and liberate the spirit of enterprise in the most distressed areas of our country." In this statement, Reagan appealed the people by using the word emancipation, bringing back memories of the great Abraham Lincoln. He also appealed to traditional policies of America by describing how he was going to tear down the economic barriers and liberate the spirit of enterprise. Another proclamation in his speech that reverberated a feeling of American spirit was, "From new freedom will spring new opportunities for growth; a more productive, fulfilled, and united people; and a stronger America." By listening to this declaration, the American people felt that with Reagan in office, the American dream would be fulfilled to the greatest

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