Similarities Between The Holocaust And Salem Witch Trials

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Everyone has heard of The Salem Witch Trials and The Holocaust, but does everyone know the true atrocities behind them? Only time separates the terrible tragedies of The Salem Witch Trials and The Holocaust. The preventable killings of innocent people, the mass hysteria, and constant false accusations made these events so similar. The Salem Witch Trials occurred in the summer of 1692. (Blumberg) It started when Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams started to act strangely. (Blumberg) The local doctors of Salem village blamed the supernatural. (Blumberg) The girls, in order to save themselves from the false accusations of witchcraft, started to blame everyone in the village. (Blumberg) The accused girls started their blame campaign at …show more content…

(Blumberg) The court would sentence people to death even when the accusers’ evidence was in their dreams or visions. (Blumberg) Governor Phipps ended this spectral evidence when his own wife was accused of witchcraft. (Blumberg) The governor would pardon all remaining of the crime after that decree. In the aftermath. 19 people were hanged, an old man was pressed to death, and 200 more people were publicly accused. …show more content…

(Blumberg) (Staff) In Massachusetts, it took them 150 years to give a formal apology. (Blumberg) The Puritan government made a day of fasting and paid the victims’ families. (Blumberg) In Germany it took them after the war to issue an apology; the president of the new West Germany symbolically fell to his knees at a monument to Holocaust victims in Poland. (Staff) Germany has since given billions to victims’ families and to the state of Israel. (Staff) North America was in the middle of a war with the French, English, and the Native Americans that made supplies and food scarce, which brought turmoil to a hungry and angry society. (Blumberg) Germany was faced with billions of reparations during World War I, which bred a deeper patriotic society. (Staff) In both events, the setting was in the middle of a recession and needed a group of people to

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