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Naturalistic sounds such as those that appear in real life are used in the film to emphasize comedic content. Singin’ in the Rain reveals naturalistic sounds as meticulously constructed to broadcast its reflexivity of the draw not only attention to itself but the techniques of creating film in general. A proficient example is during the sequence where Don spouts an effective narration before getting out of Kathy’s car while then ripping his coat as his attempts to make a dignified exit. Another example of natural sound would be during the premiere of the film within a film when we see the main character Don throw his cane off screen. During a silent film this type of move would be considered dramatic but the cane lands somewhere near a microphone…show more content…
In doing this the film self references the idea about the subject of a song being the singing itself or as Michael Tueth puts it “ a song about singing in a musical about musicals in a hollywood movie about hollywood”. The song Singin’ in the Rain literally shows the main character singing and dancing in the rain which in itself is reflexive. Another example of reflexivity in the film is the exploration of dubbing. After struggling with how Lina’s crass voice would destroy the film Cosmo comes up with the idea of using Kathy’s voice over top of linas. After a successful premiere of the film Lina’s is ousted as not portraying her real voice and Kathy is then celebrated. This is reflexive because a as joke the it’s the actress that plays Lina’s own voice that’s used to dub herself. Whereas when Kathy sings she is dubbed by another actress who went uncredited which mirrors the film exactly. Probably the best example of the film's self- reflexivity is the charming sequence You were meant for me. Don introduces Kathy to his world by setting a sound stage so he can create the the appropriate setting for his declaration of love. The Scene itself is reflexive because it is externalizing the emotional architecture of the characters subjective/inner experience through the use of the portrayal of mise-en-scene design elements.

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