Sound In Fuddy Meers By David Lindsay-Abaire

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David Lindsay-Abaire’s show Fuddy Meers is a play set in realism, yet deals with extraordinary and almost surreal events that happen in the span of one day for an amnesiac wife. In order to maintain the balance of realistic and surrealistic events, even the simplest everyday sounds can ground the audience and assist them in comprehending what it going on throughout key point of the play. The usage of sound design throughout the play helps reinforce its realism, cohesively helps audience goers understand the offstage actions throughout the shows, and also perceive Claire’s auditory hallucinations are solely heard by her. Most of us ignore the mundane details and sounds that occur everyday in our life, but when these sounds when carefully added to a performance can add depth. For example, the usage of a car transition during the car scenes throughout the show is subtle, yet dually functions as an effective background noise during the lull of conversation as well as maintaining the illusion that the characters are driving in a car. Another key background sound used at the beginning of the play is the sound of the shower running after Robert leaves to take one. This …show more content…

Pre-recordings and sound effects help elaborate what is happening, but can be problematic if the offstage sounds are too loud or sound like they not are coming from a source. In this production of Fuddy Meers, they solved this problem by having 5 different speaker positions in different part of the theatre. By playing a sound effect from only one of the speakers, the audience know unconsciously knows that it is coming from that direction in the show. With a speaker set near the entrance of the basement, whenever the audience hears noise coming from that direction they know it is cause by the characters still in the

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