Sir Gawain's Loyalty To The Green Knight

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The first character I will be analyzing is Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain is one of the main characters within this story.In the beginning of the story, we see that Sir Gawain is full of optimism, eagerness, and loyalty to protect his king and his kingdom from the Green Knight. Sir Gawain is seen as the embodiment of chivalry. An example of chivalrous manners can be found such as in his speech to Arthur when he accepts the Green Knight 's challenge. Sir Gawain says: "My life would be least missed, if we let out the truth. Only as you are my uncle have I any honor, for accepting your blood, I bear in my body slight virtue" (line 555-7). Here Sir Gawain his selflessness by demonstrating his loyalty to his king and relative which serves as the spur

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