Slavery Argumentative Essay

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In the minds of many Southerners, without slavery, the South and America as a whole, wouldn’t continue to be a growing economic powerhouse, and would lose its culture as a nation where White Christian, males, ruled society. For many, there was no South, no America, without slavery. History has shown time and time again that power corrupts. To hold onto their power, slave owners made sure their slaves were kept uneducated. As it is today, if you’re not born into your wealth, the primary way for people to escape from poverty is through education. Slavery was causing extreme soil exhaustion, held blacks, the South, and the U.S. as a whole, from reaching its full potential. Slavery would never have become as powerful as it was, without the countless …show more content…

Douglass was born in Maryland on February 14, 1818. His mother was a slave named Harriet Bailey, and his father was her master. Douglass’ birth was a result of the rape of his mother. From his earliest memories through his early adult years, Douglass’s life as a slave was brutal. He was sold from slave owner to slave owner, and was almost beaten to death on multiple occasions. In his twenties, Douglass saved up enough money to escape to New York. He was of mixed race, which likely included African, European, and possibly Native American ancestors on his mother's …show more content…

Potter is a perfect example of why Slavery was holding back African Americans. Since Potter was born free in the North, she was able to become one of the earliest beauticians in the country through amazing perseverance. If Potter was born in the South, this simply would have been impossible. It’s hard to imagine how many Eliza Potter’s there could have been in the South if it weren’t for slavery. Who knows what else Potter could have accomplished if it weren’t for the blatant institutionalized racism of the

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