Social Issues In A 1000 Splendid Suns

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Throughout the novel, A 1000 splendid Suns, written by Khaled Hosseini touches upon many social issues, which humans all over the world, despite the gender and culture, face. For example, the life of Mariam and Laila have many similarities, due to the gender inequality they face, the aftermath of war, and the inevitable crimes women go through. To being, the Afghan culture creates a hierarchy in the society, in which the women are at the bottom, since they are considered as sinners and are used as objects. Also, women in this setting are conceived to be weak, unless they are “accompanied by a mahram, a male relative” (Hosseini , which demonstrates that in this society women alone are useless and are not able to sustain a livable life. For instance, when Nana disapproved the idea of Mariam going to school because women need…show more content…
Moving on, another social issues talked about in this novel is about war and its effect on the lives of the citizens. For example, during the war women are told to stay inside their homes at all times… if [they] found guilty of adultery, [they] will be stoned to death’ (Hosseini 259). Clearly, it is unbelievable that women had to live through such conditions, which were basically in place to break people apart, especially women and children. Another example, how war affects the lives of people, more importantly Laila, is that “the streets became so unsafe that Babi did an unthinkable thing: He had Laila drop out of school” (Hosseini 190). This illustrates that not only is their a chance of someone being shot or killed, but their is a barricade formed on women’s freedom and happiness. Similarly, when Laila was found by Rasheed, he discusses with Mariam about what he was going to do with her and Rasheed abruptly is on the side of fairness now. In this case, Rasheed thinks logical about the horror and fatal tragedies Laila can come across if she was released,such as being “abducted, raped, or tossed into some roadside ditch with her throat

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