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Socrates, one of the most influential men from the ancient Greek civilisation, this philosopher has influenced the court rooms more than any other. His Socratic method is what has influenced the technique of questioning used throughout every day.
Socrates, born 470 BCE to a stone mason and midwife, receiving a basic Athenian education he went on to learn his father’s trade and learnt the craft of stone masonry. Not much is known about his early life as most information recorded about him is in fact in the work of his students plays and books. Socrates never actually wrote a book and according to his students had no intention on it.
The journey between stone mason and philosophy came around when Socrates was trying to understand the puzzle of an oracle. The oracle claimed that ‘No man was smarter than Socrates.’ but then told Socrates that he was in fact not wise at all. This led Socrates to confusion and he decided to solve this infamous ‘paradox of the oracle’. This journey is explained through his famous ‘Apology, recorded in Greek. …show more content…

Socrates had 3 children to Xanthippe after the transition from stone mason to philosopher, Lamprocles, Sophroniscus and Menexues. However he did not have a large impact on his children and their upbringing due to the fact that Xanthippe disapproved of the occupation of philosophy, saying that he could not support a family. There are arguments whether or not he received payment from students but according to sources, he would refuse payment and show his ragged clothing as proof that he was poor. He was known as the unattractive philosopher that wanders the streets, which a large lump of a nose and bulging eyes, he was quite simply ugly. However whenever he was attacked with a comment about his appearance he calmly said that the mind was more important than

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