Socrates Corrupting Youth

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Socrates is guilty of corrupting the youth, telling us lies, and not believing in the god. As we go through this trial Athenians, I will prove to why Socrates is guilty. I will show you why he should be put to death. Socrates is guilty of corrupting the youth. He is guilty of making paying them to make us look like fools. He says "I 'm completely poverty-stricken"(l 65). This alone shows that he pays youngsters to go around and make us look bad by saying we are not wise. This point is again proven by him when he says, "These fellows often imitate me and try questioning others."(l 68-69) Socrates doesn 't believe in the gods. He says, "I thought that there, if anywhere, I could prove the oracle wrong."(l 39-40). This shows that Socrates

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