Son Of A Trickster By Jared Martin

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Jared Martin struck me as an interesting and relatable protagonist. I enjoyed his portrayal's complexity and authenticity as I read the pages. I identified strongly with Jared's life's journey, struggles, and exploration of his own identity. He was an interesting and compelling character because of how he handled the difficulties that came his way, which drew me into his story. The novel's insightful and accurate portrayal of Indigenous characters and their experiences was what really caught my attention. I was impressed by the way the author addressed cultural erasure and the long-lasting effects of colonization while shedding light on the difficulties faced by Indigenous communities. I had a better understanding of their perspectives and …show more content…

The trickster figure motif appears frequently in the book. It reflects Jared's own experiences as a protagonist with the ability to see supernatural beings, symbolizing the blending of the supernatural and natural worlds. The trickster figure also highlights the subversion of conventional beliefs and the testing of boundaries by disrupting social norms and expectations. Drug use and addiction serve to illustrate the difficulties and negative effects of substance abuse for Jared and those around him. As Jared struggles with his own addiction while looking for his identity, this motif supports the themes of escapism and the search for meaning. The novel uses animal imagery as a motif to convey a variety of meanings. Animals like ravens and coyotes are present to signify the relationship between Indigenous spirituality and the natural world. The instinctual and primal aspects of human nature, as well as the hazy distinctions between the worlds of humans and animals, are also alluded to in this metaphor. The theme of cultural rituals and traditions emphasizes the value of Indigenous heritage and the need to preserve cultural practices. For Jared, these customs act as pillars, tying him to his identity and giving him a sense of community. The motif highlights Indigenous cultures' richness and resiliency in the face of adversity. As a recurring theme in the book, dreams and visions frequently straddle the line between reality and the paranormal. They stand in for Jared's sharpened perception and his kinship with the spiritual world. Jared's journey of self-discovery is guided by his dreams and visions, which act as catalysts for his growth and understanding on a personal level. These themes in "Son of a Trickster" support the story's overarching themes of identity, cultural heritage, the interaction of the supernatural and everyday life, and the

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