Sophie Eagleton: The Story Of Sophie Eagleton's Fears

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Sophie Eagleton was a child who had many fears. She held a fear for just about everything her mind could possibly justify of both the real and the unreal. Sophie’s fears first started when she read a book about spiders. With each and every page seeming to have shown terrifying and hideous photos of the eight legged atrocities. After this, Sophie’s fears then developed into more complicated of matters. Such as natural disasters and murderers and creatures that go bump in the middle of the night. Her parents thought of her as a crazy child, for they have never heard of a kid who screams bloody murder at the thought of having to go to bed and being left alone like Sophie did. Young Sophie and her irrational fears of the unknown are what put her…show more content…
Sophie, having a particularly bad night, screamed bloody murder at the thought of going into her room. “I know that something is going to be in there!” she screamed. Her parents who have put up with their daughter’s irrational fears for long enough ignored the little girl’s pleas. “Sophie you need to learn to get over these fears,” said her father “life is one full of risks and you can’t let your fears of the unknown be the thing that keeps you from living your life.” “This time is different,” cried Sophie “something is in my room! It’s under my bed I’m telling you!” No matter how hard she pleaded though Sophie knew that her parents weren’t having any of it as they walked her to her room. As her Father flicked on the light in little Sophie’s room and tucked her in, he told her that there was nothing to fear. “See Sophie,” her father said, “if there was really something in here don’t you think that you’re mother or I would have noticed it by now? The only thing that will be in here tonight is an eight year old girl who is afraid of her own shadow.” Sophie did not enjoy the condescending way that her father was talking to her. For she knew that something was amiss, she just couldn’t tell

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