Stereotypes In Nat Turner, By Kyle Baker

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The graphic novel, Nat Turner, by Kyle Baker depicts images of a violent story derived from Nat Turner’s confessions. Nat Turner was a slave that led one of the bloodiest revolutions in all time. He may have influenced and have an impact on changing the strategies of some African American leaders including Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. In his novel, Baker illustrates Turner’s life story and portrays him as a prophet who changes the outlook of slavery. Baker uses the interview from Thomas R. Gray to tell Turner’s gruesome confessions. Some images illustrate African Americans being hunted, chained together, and transported on a tiny ship to be used and sold as servants for the whites. Baker’s illustrations …show more content…

The pressure is high for an African American due to discrimination and stereotypes. An example by Nitti can illustrate this statement “African Americans are more likely to be victims of jobless discrimination because their unemployment rate is 16.7 percent - more than twice that of whites. In a story about discrimination against the unemployed” (Nittle, 2011, p. 53). Even though the government does not officially “discriminate against the jobless as it does to women, racial minority groups, and people with disabilities, such bias may violate civil rights laws if it has a disparate impact on people of color” (Nittle, 2011, p. 53). Employers may at times view people of color as being attitudinally defiant about negative stereotypes and want to avoid hiring those who might propagate a racial …show more content…

This is because being unemployed makes it harder to pay the bills and therefore results in using a credit card and not being able to pay for it on time. In addition, they do a criminal background checks to make sure they do not have a record. Society needs to know how people of color struggle with unemployment and use real life experiences to improve the problem of racism and discrimination. This graphic novel and article go hand and hand because it illustrates how difficult life was for African Americans’ living in the United States in the 18th century and how some of those difficulties have carried over into the 21st century. For me, discrimination as an Asian American still exists. Since my parents came here as immigrants, I am often asked where I am from. Discrimination is a problem everyone one faces, but I believe that the darker the skin color, the harsher the effects of racism. It is an ongoing problem and people are unaware of how it effects other

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