Relationship Between Strawson And Property Dualism

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.3.1.3 Strawson and property dualism
In a football match there are a lot of different actions that a player can do: he can kick directly to the goalkeeper, or pass the balloon to another member of the team, or lost the ball with a rival player; but finally the number 10 makes a goal. Descartes may said that the player is just a mind, but it is hard to say that there is a 10 non-physical substance playing a physical game, in other words, how can be said that a mind belongs to a body? For instance, a football player must think first about the move with the balloon and accordingly transfer the require energy to the legs to the balloon for a short kick or a long kick, under this view, seems to be there is a deeply connection between the mind …show more content…

60) But why is this idea in Strawson? What it is the advantage to moving from the realm of substances to the realm of properties? Precisely the motivation is his idea of mind, this is, what could be the way to determine one mind from another? How can be differentiate the mind of Hamlet from the mind of Yorick? How can identify the mind of the 10 player in a football team from the other team? Strawson suggest that the only way is to find an identity of mind trough time with the body, in other words, Strawson(1966/1981) argue that “If the concept of the identity of a soul or consciousness over time is not derived from, dependent upon, the concept of the identity of a person over time, then how is determined?” (p.60), and the use of properties may suggest an idea of dependency, thus, Strawson(1966/1981) argued that “the concept of a surface is …show more content…

And due the fact that Strawson think that “The concept of a person is logically prior to that of an individual consciousness” (Strawson, 1958/1981, p.109) is that, finally Hamlet can talk to Yorick’s skull: “We speak of a dead person –a body- and in the same seconday way we might at least think of a disembodied person, retainging the logical benefit of individuality from having been a person” (Strawson, 1958/1981, p.109), and we can talk to the bodies of the love ones has pass

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