Aristotle Dualism Essay

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Various philosophers and scientists have inquired about the mind and body issue for a long time. The mind-body philosophies try to explain the way a person’s mental state and processes are linked to the physical state. The core of the mind and body is that individuals have a biased experience of an inner life that appears detached from the physical world. Although they are separated, they need to work together in some way. Individuals may appear to have physical properties and mental properties. They also seem to have sort of attributes connected to the physical sciences. Both Plato and Aristotle are dualists; they argue that the mental and the physical are real, and they can be linked to each other. In dualism the mind is differentiated to the body; however, various attributes of the mind have been the core of attention. Numerous scholars have …show more content…

He argues that the body and soul are two elements that have the same underlying substance. He maintains that a person’s soul is the same as his nature of body; however, he argues that the mind differed from other parts of the body as it lacked a physical feature. In this case, he maintains that the intellect lacks a physical form, and this allows it to receive every form. It allows a person to think about anything, including the material object. In this case, he argues that if the intellect were in a material form, it could be sensitive to only some physical objects. Nevertheless, the non-material form allows individuals to think about anything. In conclusion, both Aristotle and Plato’s are theories of dualism, they just differ in their explanations. Plato seems to maintain that mind and body are the same; however, Aristotle maintains that they are different. They both share the same sentiments that the soul appears in non-material form and hence it cannot be categorized with the other parts of the body. This explanation shows that they do not differ in all

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