Essay On Property Dualism

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INTRODUCTION Man is a being faced with numerous difficulties, problems, foes and so on. Perhaps the worst and the most dreaded of these foes is death. It has been tagged an arch-enemy of man, the destroyer of man, non-respecter of person, and has a host of other negative connotative words and names. Around the world and in many religions and cultures, people have sought to explain and demystify death, but with minute success. At the bottom of all our phobias and neurosis lies a fear of death. This is so, probably because of the uncertainty surrounding death. Such things as: whether the experience will be painful or dehumanizing in some way? Whether there will be extension of life after death; whether death is the end. Even not being able to see the beloved once again in this earthly existence is enough puzzlement. All these are problematic realities which face and confront one as one encounters death or the death of a beloved one. These were the dilemma in which …show more content…

Among materialists, there is till considerable disagreement about the status of mental properties, which are conceived as properties of bodies or brains. Materialists who are ‘Property dualists believe that mental properties are an additional kind of property or attribute, not reducible to physical properties.’ Property dualists have the problem of explaining how such properties can fit into the world envisaged by modern physical science, according to which there are physical explanations for all things. Materialists who are “Property monists believe that there is ultimately only one type of property, although they disagree on whether or not mental properties exist in material form.” Some property monist, known as reductive materialists, holds that “Mental properties exist simply as a subset of relatively complex and non-basic physical properties of the

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