Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Desire. Everyone wants to be desired. Everyone desires something. But would you still desire the thing you loved if you knew it would lead to your descent? In this book, Blanche DuBois comes from Mississippi and stays with her sister Stella and her husband unannounced. Blanche’s coquettish and dated ways cause problems for Stanley and Stella, who already have an unstable relationship, causing problems for their household and their friends as well. In the book, A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, the portrayal of desire makes the character's outcomes pessimistic by ruining Stanley’s ability to have control and Mitch and Blanche's relationship. Blanche and Mitch both desired to be married and to be wanted, not each other.
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Stanley was used to Stella giving him attention all the time. So, with Blanche there, she was not paying attention to him. In the stage directions, it declares, “Stanley leaps up from the poker game, rushes through curtains, begins pulling radio out of its socket. He pulls it free, crosses to window below bathroom, and throws it out” (Williams 38). Stanley is used to having control over Stella When he tells her to do something, she does it. But, with Blanche there, Stella’s attention and energy are directed toward her. This angers Stanley; he wants to do something to have Stella’s attention back on him because he desires that so badly. Stanley desires Stella’s attention gravely, and he would do anything to have Stella focused on him. Stanley did not like his wife’s sister, Blanche. Thus, he chose to try and get rid of her without talking to her first. He conveys, “I’ve got a little birthday remembrance for you. Ticket! Back to Laurel! On the Greyhound! Tuesday!” (Williams 76). Stanley was mad that Blanche just moved in and he did not get any say over the matter. So, even though Stella wants Blanche there, he buys a ticket to send her back home. This leads to a negative outcome because it upsets both Stella and Blanche and leads to Stanley hurting Stella so badly, she has to go to the hospital. Because of Stanley’s desires, cause problems between him and Blanche. Instead of getting him what he wants, it just causes Blanche to be upset and therefore pushes Stella further away from him and ruins their

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