Strengths And Weaknesses Of Perception Essay

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In this essay I will write about the strengths and weaknesses of perception as a way of knowing. Perception is the way we perceive the world through our senses. We use all five of our senses, which are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to understand the world and interpret it. We can then say it’s a Primary way of knowledge. We can also say that, because the senses is the way our body communicates, we have at least three more senses: kinesthetic sense, which is our awareness of our body’s dimensions and movement; vestibular sense, which is the awareness of the human’s balance and spacial orientation; and organic sense, which is the manifest of the internal organs (for example, hunger or thirst). But can our senses trick us and affect what we know of the world? How can we know that the reality we know is simply a figment of our imagination?

Perception can be divided into two parts: the sensation, which is what is provided by the world (the stimulus to the senses) and the interpretation, which is when our mind turns the sensation into information for us. Perception lets us interact with the world that surrounds us. With perception, it is much more easy way to know something. As said before, with perception we go to the ‘source’ and take our own conclusions of
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We have been used to living with perception so we molded our living around our senses and most of the knowledge we acquire is through them. However there are certain flaws to it, such as optical illusions and background that influences our perception, that makes us question how accurate our way of seeing the world is. Overall, sense perception is a good way of knowing if shared with other people so, with all the different perceptions of the world due to different life experiences, it all can be combined in a greater a more accurate perception of
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