Stress In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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Have you ever been in such a stressful situation while trying to think normal? In “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, the author describes the situations these troops are put through. Along with the situations, the author tells the audience the thoughts and feelings going on with the men. Showing that the men are affected by the situations they are exposed to. In “The Things They Carried” O’Brien explains the equipment that the characters need to carry to be prepared for the worst.”When a mission took them to the mountains, they carried mosquito netting, machetes, canvas tarps, and extra bug juice.” (372) Along with the essentials for surviving in the environment that they were in. The men also had to be prepared to take on the enemy that they should face.”Henry Dobbins carried the M-60, which weighed 23 pounds unloaded, but was almost always loaded.” (369) This is how O’Brien shows that the men had to carry all the equipment to be prepared for the situation they were in. …show more content…

These men didn’t have very pleasurable experiences explained by O’Brien. “The Teeth were broken. There was a swollen black bruise under his left eye. The cheekbone was gone.” One of their own men had been shot in the head on the way back from peeing. The men had seen the horrific image of their own man after being shot. That would take a toll on anyone one. Especially if you are Jimmy Cross the first lieutenant and leader of his platoon. “The responsibility for the lives of his men.” (369) When you are the one who has the responsibility of your men, and one of your men dies on your watch. That has to be hard mentally. I could only imagine what would be going through someone’s mind after something like

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