Virtue Of Virya In Buddhism

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The virtue of virya :-
Every buddhist is expected to show fortitude in the face of hardships. .Buddhism appreciate the virtue of zeal that is , an intense enthusiasm .Buddhism gives great importance to the virtue of virya that is , energy , efforts , strong and persistent efforts . Buddhism created a new hope by saying that sufferings can be removed by ardent endeavor . Sufferings can be removed by making persistent efforts .
Buddhism tell us that we can overcome sufferings by virya ( efforts ) and by a resolution of problems . The virtue of virya causes a buddhist to make efforts again and again . Virya is one of the six mental factor in theravada buddhism . A buddhist is expected not to yield under any
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The world is very wicked . Evil frequently becomes victorious over good . Good people die earlier than the wicked people. Nature is with evil doers and God is with good people . A long span of life is enjoyed by the evil doers . Honest men die earlier than the dishonest people . God is with the just people . God is the source of good . Nature is the giver of good and evil . We can get rid of sufferings by being lost in the marvelous of nature .Time is a great healer . We can forget the problems of the world by being lost in some creative work .Grief is reduced or eliminated by the aesthetic joy created in us by the objects of nature . The aesthetic sense is a gift of nature .Painters , architects and artists learn symmetry and other aesthetic qualities from nature .
God as a remover of sufferings :-
There are three pillars of a happy life 1 A blind faith or trust in a personal God or some divine power. The mental distress and anxiety are reduced by remembering the name of God . 2 An early marriage and an early arrival of children 3 True happiness comes from leading a moral life
A moral life is created by following the eight noble paths of buddhism
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