Suitors In The Odyssey

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Odysseus always had a plan especially when it came face to face with the suitors, it sometimes doesn’t matter if it will reveal his identity. Odysseus asked if he could try to shoot an arrow into all twelve battle-axes. The suitors didn’t believe him and laugh at him. Odysseus shot the arrow into the twelve battle-axes with ease, and then shot Antinous in the throat which caused chaos at the event. The end result was that all the suitors and servants were killed (Weigel). There’s never better than being in disguised. One smart way that Odysseus showed himself being treacherous is when he showed up at the feast of the suitors. Odysseus disguised as a beggar, killed the suitors because they had abused the laws of hospitality. Odysseus …show more content…

The suitors always underestimated Odysseus’s son Telemachus who somewhat had the same mindset as his father. Before the end of battle between Odysseus and the suitors, Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, joined into the fight and successively killed someone who tried to kill his father. This showed couragement and treachery on both accounts because nobody expected Telemachus to be able to fight (Forman). During the battle, the goddess Athena helped Odysseus to fight against the suitors. Ulysses with Minerva against the suitors was a huge battle between the deities and the people, since Minerva or Athena was the people’s mentor and they had hope that the goddess would be with them instead of Odysseus. Athena was with the suitors, but she never gave both sides an easy way to win. Athena would let the suitors miss Odysseus and in return, she tested Odysseus knowledge of how to win in a battle based on his experiences. Every one of the suitors tried, at least tried to kill Odysseus and one of them was the son of Damastor named Agelaus who was killed by the spear that Odysseus had used in the battle (“Homer”). Odysseus would never harm anybody without any reason, but in this case, he needed to protect his family and carry what the deities wanted him

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