Summary Of A Better War By Lewis Sorley

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A Better War¬-Part Two
In the second half of the book written by Lewis Sorley, “A Better War, The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America’s Last Years in Vietnam” the American soldiers and the American public were in an uproar. The look into the last days of Vietnam for the United States is eye opening. In this review we will look at the affects of war on the American soldiers and a certain offensive. The affect that the Vietnam War had on American soldiers was astounding. The Vietnam War affected ninety percent of the American troops so much so that they started to turn on each other. The fragging started as a result of increased drug and alcohol use. The word “fragging” means to kill or maim the upper leadership. These increased …show more content…

The portrait that Hollywood paints is somewhat an unproportioned picture. William Abbott a researcher analyzed the backgrounds of the war dead list on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which concluded as a “nonfact” observation that those killed in Vietnam were mostly “white, middle class and volunteers. By 1972 there were no guerrillas in the fight because they were all on the South Vietnamese side of the fight. Rules of Engagement were so restrictive that it prevented the United States from saving one of its own aircraft. At one point the Strategic Air Command threatened to pull back all of the B-52 bombers in fear that it was too risky to send them out.
These rules were very upsetting because it essentially tied the command staff’s hands behind their backs. February 5, was briefed that the enemy continued to buildup and position its troops as observed by Admiral McCain. This increased the airstrikes by the American forces against the B-3 Front in the Central Highlands. The same cease-fire as the Tet was applied to the MR-1. I believe there was a lack of attention by the American press because it wasn’t a valuable move by the United States. Therefore, the press was not interested in the

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