Summary Of Apostles Of Ssunion By Charles B. Dew

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Apostles of Disunion, written by Charles B. Dew, is a book that focuses on the topics of Slavery, States’ rights, and Secession. The introduction chapter of the book talks about how Dew grew up as a “son of the south”, and how his ancestors fought for the confederacy. He talks about how he went to school in Virginia and he packed his Confederate flag to hang on his wall. Dew says that he didn’t think much about secession, however, he knew that the south had seceded for the lonely reason of states’ rights. This chapter goes on to talk about how this is a hard subject to write on and how Dew still gets sad when he reads about it even though he has done years and years of research about the subject. Chapter one is about “Slavery, States’ rights,

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